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Crystals for Anxiety

 April 12, 2022

By  Natalie Kirilova

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Why use crystals for anxiety?

For centuries, shamans and wisdom teachers have claimed that crystals (or worry stones) can ease a variety of ailments. In our modern world, though, this knowledge has been largely replaced by rational thought. Well, except maybe for with Miranda Kerr, right? Could these healing stones actually be effective at relieving anxiety? And what are the best crystals for anxiety? Pharmaceuticals certainly can be used to camouflage the symptoms of anxiety and depression, but according to alternative medicine practitioners, good crystals for anxiety have the ability to address the underlying causes of the condition.. 


The benefits of worry stones and their healing, vibrational energies are obvious. Over the years, I’ve come to rely upon them for their beauty and calming influence.

As I travel quite a bit for work, I used to have to drink a glass of wine to even get on a plane. But knowing the best crystals for travel anxiety (hint: it’s Lapis lazuli), I’m many years sober and happy as a clam on a plane.


And did you know that the color and texture of a crystal is determined by the composition of minerals in their atomic structure.? Every worry stone has unique properties and underlying, hidden attributes. These esoteric attributes affect not the stone’s outward appearance, but their inner essence as well.


The unique molecular shape of a crystal is succinctly described by Stanford University’s website: “If you could shrink yourself to the atomic scale and walk inside a perfect single crystal, everything would look, more or less, the same in every direction.”


Let’s take a deeper dive into the inherent, ancient wisdom possessed by these beautiful worry stones for curing anxiety… They might just be able to alleviate anxious disposition, change your attitude, and result in a worry-free mentality.

What type of crystals are best for anxiety? 

Yeah, let’s get down to basics: What’s the best worry stone for anxiety?


Of course, the best type of crystal for you depends on your own unique physical and mental state. It can vary from person to person. Based on my own experience, It’s important to trust your intuition in choosing the right healing stones for your anxiety.

Here are some general points to keep in mind when making the choice to try out different worry stones…

Best worry stone for calming the racing mind: Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is perhaps the best precious crystal for anxiety and panic attacks. For nervousness and stress alleviation, Its periwinkle coloration emanates a distinct quiet. These anxiety-mitigating vibrations convey a deep serenity and can help enable you to unwind. Imagine taking a long, hot bath surrounded by these stones — that’s what we’re going for here.

Rock-shop enthusiasts and holistic health practitioners note that even holding these precious stones can really assist with calming your nerves and decreasing your anxiety. 

In the event that you are one of “those people” — myself included — that experiences tension constantly, consider wearing a bracelet made of Blue Ribbon agate or keeping one of these worry stones in your pocket. In the event that you feel overwhelmed, just reach down and rub one of the best sorry stones for anxiety and stress… as the stone moves between your thumb and forefinger., you might just feel a little something special!


  • Blue Lace Agate is universally-lauded to provide solace for chronic anxiety. 
  • The blue trim variety is another great option and has traditionally been used to calm hyper or aggressive pets.

Good crystal for calming the body: Black Jasper

Many people use Black Jasper as protection against negative vibrations. Its grounding energy can also help you to connect to higher realms of experience. This healing stone for anxiety is also known to be useful for those dealing with chronic pain conditions and various other ailments. This is the worry stone you want around when the crazy ex-boyfriend pops up, the cancer comes back, or your business is dissolving. 

I’ve had all there happen — at the same time — and I had a pocketful of Black Jasper the entire time. I can attest that it’s a very powerful, healing crystal for alleviating anxiety. It has been “continually rediscovered” by many of my friends and said to have identical properties.


  • It’s gorgeous color reflects a translucent, ephemeral glow that is unmistakable.
  • A century ago, it was thought to have negative effects and was associated with certain charlatans of the spiritualist movement.
  • Depending on the polish, it can appear rough, striated, or extremely smooth.

Best healing crystal for calming aggression and anger: Amazonite

Amazonite is balancing and harmonizing for the whole body-mind system. Advanced yoga practitioners, contemplatives for all traditions, and shamans all agree: the spiritual benefits from its unique qualities are undeniable. 

Amazonite has long served as a “true antidote” to anger and the symptoms within the body caused by stress.


  • It is very helpful for working with the throat and the heart chakras.
  • The deep green color is mesmerizing to contemplate.

Best worry stone to get restful sleep in times of stress: Lepidolite

One of the best gems for uneasiness and agitation is Lepidolite. It actually contains lithium inside its structure, which as you may be aware, is frequently utilized in Western medicine to treat Bipolar disorder and nervousness in general. Interfacing with this healing stone for anxiety can bring balance during times of pressure and tumult. 


For me, Lepidolite is superb to use during meditation. By holding it above your third eye or placing it in one of your hands, you  can quickly and effectively bring about peace and serenity. Any meditation technique that utilizes the third eye or works with the Crown chakra can be enhanced by Lepidolite as well.



  • Lepidolite helps with the dissolution and reorganization of old behaviors and psychological patterns, gently promoting change.
  • It is a relatively low frequency gem, meaning its effects are subtle and generally safe.

Best crystal for protection from anxiety: Black Tourmaline

Similar to Black Jasper, Black Tourmaline is also often used for protection. It’s especially effective at riding the psychic space of your home against harmful emotional pollutants and other negative energies. Some panic-attack sufferers believe that it reduces their frequency, intensity, and duration of anxiety. I can personally attest to this. Clinically diagnosed, I consumed pharmaceutical based-sedatives — at relatively low doses — for years to function. Tourmaline allowed me to transition away from psychiatric medication, slowly, under the care of my psychiatrist — and with confidence.  


  • Some people use Tourmalines as protective shields from radiation emitted from electronic devices like laptops and smartphones. There is an enormous body of evidence to support the amazing properties of these healing stones.
  • This semi-precious stone was once renowned by Cherokee as an effective contraceptive. 

How to use crystals?

You can use crystals in a variety of different ways. 

Just by placing them in the rooms of your home, there can emerge an immediate effect in the body, mind, and heart. In the bedroom, they can help you fall asleep faster and have a deep, restful night’s sleep. In the kitchen, they can help you raise your awareness of the flavors, odors and tastes of the food that you have prepared.

Many of my friends — many of whom are alternative medicine practitioners —  wear crystals as jewelry. In addition to their beneficial, anxiety-relieving properties, they can also add just a touch of earthy glamour to any ensemble. 

Besides, if you’re looking good, you’re probably feeling pretty good, too!

The traditional places crystals are placed include:

  • On the human body, usually above or below a chakra
  • Around the body during meditation
  • Within the home to stabilize energetic flows
  • As a protective border around a doorway
  • Work secretively, hidden within clothing
  • Placed in gardens or outdoor spaces

Some crystals can be used to enhance your meditation practice. Within the Vajrayana Buddhist tradition, crystals of various types have been used for over a thousand years to create beautiful prayer beads — called malas — that are said to assist with achieving higher states of consciousness. 

A relatively new method for utilizing crystals involves placing them in beverages. You can put them into your drinking water and let the water absorb the special qualities of the stones. Another similar, but distinct method, involves placing the rocks underneath your pillow at night. I’ve found this to be just as effective as drinking crystal-infused beverages for relieving my anxiety, dissolving stress, and enhancing my mood. 

Another option I’ve tried recently is to buy a grab back at your local rock shop for $5 dollars. You will get a little bit of everything. Then, you just leave one stone a day where it’s certain someone will find it. Maybe it’s at the office, a park, or someplace in your neighborhood. You can include a small note, saying, “This will bring you good fortune,” or place it in a small, recyclable container. This allows the recipient to understand it was placed there for them specifically and they’re not stealing anything.

Creative use of crystals 

There are virtually limitless possibilities to work with crystals and derive benefit from their use. When practicing, allow yourself to come up with novel and untested ideas about how you can use them for benefiting yourself and others.. 


The true magic emerges when you let yourself become sensitive to the atmospheric density of the different crystals and experiment. Make sure to explore and hypothesize with all kinds of different shapes and sizes — and see how you can make them work for you!


Disclaimer: This website does not provide medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on our site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

Natalie is a writer with a focus in medical research with over 10 years of experience

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